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Stimulus is a brand for thinkers, hustlers, and go-getters. It started as a thought to drive change in India and is now a brand worn by changemakers. 

Stimulus is a subsidiary of the Paragon group, one of the oldest footwear names in India. Paragon began its journey in 1975 with the mission to bring quality footwear to the sub-continent and the assurance of durability and availability to all. Stimulus was introduced to take this legacy forward and support the zeal in young Indians.

We believe in determination, dedication, and perseverance. Our aim is to motivate our customers to go beyond. Whatever your mission in life is, Stimulus stands strong and proud with you. Whether you are climbing your way to the top, seeking adventures, or hustling daily, our everyday range will support you through it all.

Our footwear range is crafted for comfort so our customers can focus on their ventures. Each product has been designed to display our strength while lasting long on the journey to our customers’ goals. We cater to men and women alike; the products are crafted to complement their lifestyles and endeavors. With a promise of affordability and accessibility, we have become a regular part of our customers’ lives.

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Our products are accessible at various locations across India. You can find Stimulus products at diversified retailers, exclusive Stimulus stores and the website. 

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